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The Unofficial Kit Cloudkicker Homepage has been completely moved....

You can now officially bookmark the Unofficial Kit Cloudkicker Homepage to: because I have officially deleted every single file in both my gregoryweagle and davkim.geo subdomains. Don't worry; the files were already backed up to an SD Card well before hand; as one of Joseph Greenlee's fanfics that was STILL on the server (I deleted the fanfic link from the Kit Cloudkicker Fanfics page; but I didn't delete the fanfic; sadly; Almost Paradise WAS deleted for some unknown reason as was the LesMiserables artwork. Probably due to the file being corrupted or something and was deleted long before I started backing up the files.). So Operation Unofficial Save Kit Cloudkicker Website has been a complete success and Phase V is officially 100% completed. While I couldn't save the original counter; I didn't insert a brand new counter and hopefully; one that will work well. And that is officially that now. Thank goodness that crisis is over! Now I can go back to doing rants and correcting mistakes in the Rant Shack instead of having to worry over some web host deciding to screw the customer over and cutting their services to customers. Thank you to the fans who convinced me not to KILL the website either. And thank 50 Webs for having a web service hosting site that I could count on in these situations. And just to note; I still have 33.71 MB of space left on 50 Webs; so I have lots to use in case I need to unretire the UKCHP; or need space for the Rant Shack.
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