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New Darkwing Merchandise? HOLY--

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Okay so it's only one thing. x3 But! It's still awesome to see that Disney has NOT forgotten about DW!

DisneyShopping.com has put out this beauty of a piece:

"Shine a light of hope through the darkness with our super Darkwing Duck Snowglobe. Drake Mallard appears to be an average citizen of St. Canard, but when danger is near he dons the secret-identity of Darkwing Duck, defender of the weak; champion of truth and justice! With his ward Gosalyn and sidekick, Launchpad McQuack, ''DW'' casts a wide web across the city, goosing-up the beastly schemes of Taurus Bulba and his ilk. Imported."

The masked mallard himself.

Launchpad is here, too!

Taurus Bulba?! Yes, in what is an astoundingly odd move for -THEM-...Disney actually put a lesser used baddie on the globe. xD

And, an itty bitty model of St. Canard, which lights up inside the glass globe.

The snowglobe retails for about $59.50 US...between this and Electric Tiki's Mini Statue of DW being released in spring of 2009, Darkwing Fans are getting treated to a couple of high quality knicknacks in both the present and the coming year.
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